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Winter 2022
Best Short Film - Uncle Marx / Marx Amca VEDAT SEZGİN
Best Feature Film - We're not making Gone with the Wind Paul Cooke
Best Student Film - Hey Woman
Best Animation Film - grydscaen: scout eve - "Iron Lotus Cut"
Best Documentary - The truth about La Dolce Vita Giuseppe Pedersoli
Best Experimental Film Everything Unnerves Me Hazal Bayar, Çağıl Saydam
Best Music Video - Hey Woman Megan Gale
Best Educational Film - Crystal-Countless Misfortune LEONARD AMANYA
Best One Minute Film - MESSAGE André Schuck
Best Silent - MESSAGE André Schuck
Best Comedy - Stella & Max An Urban Luv Story Katharine Cox, Brandon Lee Johnson
Best Drama - MESSAGE André Schuck
Best Thriller - Silent Night Emmanuel Delabaere
Best Horror - Blades in the Darkness Alex Visani
Best Web Program / Web Series - grydscaen: scout eve - "Iron Lotus Cut"
Best Photography - HISPANIA, LAND OF RABBITS Jose Luis Rodriguez
Best Short Script - The Doppelgänger (V1) Richard Mark Wilt
Best Feature Script - The Last Squadron Bryce Hatch
Best Director - Our Triumphant Holy Day Greg Di Roma
Best Producer - Our Triumphant Holy Day Greg Di Roma
Best Actress - Breaking & Entering Michael William Hogan
Best Actor - A Royal Marines Disposition Matt Elliott
Best Cinematography - Our Triumphant Holy Day Greg Di Roma
Best Original Score MusArt Kevin Hanzlik

Autumn 2022
Best Short Film - SARA'S Journey
Best Student Film - The Dancer
Best Animation Film - The Boy and The Mountain
Best Experimental Film - Scenes, Overheard
Best Music Video - Nina Massara: 'Postcard to New Orleans'
Best LGBTQ+ - You Can Play
Best Women's Film - Special vintage
Best Silent - The Beast Of Love
Best Comedy - Same, Same but Different
Best Drama - True Friend
Best Thriller - my name is josy
Best Horror - The Dark
Best Web Program / Web Series - Kid Friendly*
Best Photography MOJADO Y LIBERADO
Best Poster - The Good Deed
Best Short Script - A Rather Lovely Thing
Best Feature Script - The Hill
Best Director - Burn Out Love
Best Producer - EARL BISS, The Spirit Who Walks Among His People
Best Actor Unhappy
Best Cinematography - Scenes, Overheard
Best Original Score - Marika… why be afraid
Summer 2022
Best Short Film — A Butterfly Vanishes
Best Feature Film — The Donbass children
Best Student Film — MONTANA 1977
Best Animation Film — The Turnip
Best Documentary — Daughter of the Revolution
Best Experimental Film — Switch
Best Music Video — Metamorphosis
Best LGBTQ+ — Reveal Yourself
Best Women’s Film — ARIA (air)
Best Silent — PROCREATION: Adam and Eve
Best Drama — DARKING WAY
Best Horror — Road 721
Best Web Program / Web Series — Growing Up Guide Pup
Best Poster — Downing The Anchors
Best Short Script — The Mobster
Best Feature Script — Called Back
Best Director — Songs Of The Day After
Best Producer — Growing Up Guide Pup
Best Actress — Interference
Best Actor — Black Bag
Best Cinematography — Underwater
Best Original Score — Place to Place
Best Costume Design — STOKER
Spring 2022

Best Short Film — Good luck charm

Best Feature Film — Burial

Best Student Film — Once in past life

Best Animation Film — Tea together

Best Documentary — Four days without war

Best Experimental Film — Tenderness

Best Music Video — Eva

Best LGBTQ+ — Gunpowder

Best Women’s Film — Soldier of the wind

Best Educational Film — Ice in a glass

Best One Minute Film — The Devil’s Trap

Best Silent — Red Lips

Best Comedy — My Brother’s Mother

Best Drama — The Mystery of Amelia

Best Thriller — Try to die fast

Best Horror — Swan Dance

Best Web Program / Web Series — Prototype

Best Commercial — Never better

Best Photography — The emptiness

Best Poster — Red lips

Best Short Script — Ursula Wilson, Girl 0080

Best Feature Script — Daniel Strongheart, Her guns

Best Director — Nathanael Zingerle, Red Lips

Best Producer — David Nelson, Gunpowder

Best Actress — Zuzanna Kamińska, The Mystery of Amelia

Best Actor — Jan Polak, Choice

Best Cinematography — Laurent Morel, Quiet life

Best Original Score — Michael Thompson, Red lips

Best Scenography — Rokhan Kapoor, Finger

Best Costume Design — Naidu Sardar, Finger

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